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How To Really Get The Woman You Want

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Hey everyone, today’s post is for guys only :)

Do you have any idea how many guys have asked me theHow To Really Get The Woman You Want question “How To Really Get The Woman You Want“? Do you know how many guys right now are reading this very same post? (Crazy, when you think about it!)

What men really want to know is how they can get the woman they want. If I were selling the love potion number nine, I’d probably make a fortune (but I’d get a lot of refund requests when they found out that it doesn’t work that well!).

I could tell you how to get the woman you want, but you may not believe me. I could tell you what to say and what to do and you still may not get her for one simple reason.

Nine times out of ten you don’t want what you think you want.

Not really.

You see, our minds are very deceptive and knowing what we REALLY want is harder than it seems.

For example, if you have kids, you might remember a time when your two year old screamed for a silly little blanket because they REALLY wanted it. What they really wanted was a nap. They just didn’t know it.

That is why we often get what we want, or better stated, what we THINK that we want, and we still aren’t happy. Know anyone that that has ever happened to?

So, do you know what you really want? What is really important to you? Because in order to get the woman you want, you need to be super sure you really want it. I know, that sounds like a real word twister and it is probably making your brain hurt. Sorry.

Our first exercise is to imagine how you would feel if you did get the woman you want. At first you’d be thrilled, but what about a few months down the road?

What you really want is to feel a certain way and you think that the woman in mind will make you feel that way. It’s important to be really clear about what you want. What you want and who you want are two different things. You see, WHAT you want (by that I mean what you want to FEEL) rarely changes, while who you want can change from one minute to the next.

Before you waste a lot of energy to get the woman you want, make sure that you’ll really get what you want out of her. I’m talking about feelings here, gentleman. If THAT is all you want, then go get a hooker. Or bypass all of this analysis crap and go take a course on seducing women. It’ll work temporarily, at least, to help you get the woman you want.

Not what you wanted to read?

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We wish you all the best and hope that you enjoyed this post!

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