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Hey everyone, today’s post is for guys only :)

Do you have any idea how many guys have asked me theHow To Really Get The Woman You Want question “How To Really Get The Woman You Want“? Do you know how many guys right now are reading this very same post? (Crazy, when you think about it!)

What men really want to know is how they can get the woman they want. If I were selling the love potion number nine, I’d probably make a fortune (but I’d get a lot of refund requests when they found out that it doesn’t work that well!).

I could tell you how to get the woman you want, but you may not believe me. I could tell you what to say and what to do and you still may not get her for one simple reason.

Nine times out of ten you don’t want what you think you want.

Not really.

You see, our minds are very deceptive and knowing what we REALLY want is harder than it seems.

For example, if you have kids, you might remember a time when your two year old screamed for a silly little blanket because they REALLY wanted it. What they really wanted was a nap. They just didn’t know it.

That is why we often get what we want, or better stated, what we THINK that we want, and we still aren’t happy. Know anyone that that has ever happened to?

So, do you know what you really want? What is really important to you? Because in order to get the woman you want, you need to be super sure you really want it. I know, that sounds like a real word twister and it is probably making your brain hurt. Sorry.

Our first exercise is to imagine how you would feel if you did get the woman you want. At first you’d be thrilled, but what about a few months down the road?

What you really want is to feel a certain way and you think that the woman in mind will make you feel that way. It’s important to be really clear about what you want. What you want and who you want are two different things. You see, WHAT you want (by that I mean what you want to FEEL) rarely changes, while who you want can change from one minute to the next.

Before you waste a lot of energy to get the woman you want, make sure that you’ll really get what you want out of her. I’m talking about feelings here, gentleman. If THAT is all you want, then go get a hooker. Or bypass all of this analysis crap and go take a course on seducing women. It’ll work temporarily, at least, to help you get the woman you want.

Not what you wanted to read?

You want to know exactly how to get the woman you want step by step? If yes, then you may want to take a look at our review on the Magic Of Making Up System which contains much more tips that can really help you doing so the right way…

We wish you all the best and hope that you enjoyed this post!

Best Ways To Attract a woman

One of the top ways to attract a woman may surprise you. In fact, you may not ever read it any where else!

After all, most blogs are going to tell you that the best ways to attract a woman is to say blah, blah, blah and to buy her this and this, and to be funny, stand out and make her curious.

Heck, even I’ve given that advice before!

While those are undoubtedly some of the best ways to attract a woman, there is another rarely talked about tip that can make your game even better.

I’m talking about human attraction. What causes people to be attracted to one another? Why is it that some people just naturally HATE each other? Why is it that we tend to date the same type of person over and over again, just with a different face?

In a phrase, like attracts like. That means that metal and magnets will always attract and the magnet will never attract cotton.

But what if you are the magnet and you are tired of metal? How can you attract cotton?

Just like different baits attract different fish, it’s not really the dating tips that are working for men out there. You own personality, combined with your likes and dislikes add flavor to the 10 best ways to attract a woman.

So what kind of women do you want to attract? It might help yo study different personality profiling systems to help you figure out what personality style you really want.

Some women are the adventure type. Others are very domestic. Some women like to organize and plan their life, others thrive on chaos and unpredictability. Some women are practical and logical, others are value based and more empathetic. You get the point?

I’m not just talking about the best ways to attract a woman with a pretty face. I mean a real MATCH for your personal style. In order to figure out who and what you want, you need to figure out who and what you ARE.

Because YOU’RE the bait in the ‘like attracts like’ game!

OK, so after a bit of thought, you define what you want. Then you figure out what you are.

Now comes the tricky part.

Take a look at your outline of the women you want to attract. What qualities is SHE most likely to be looking for? For example, if you are looking for a spunky girl that loves adventure and you spend most of your time reading on the Internet, well, she might not be super attracted to you, especially not for very long! So, if I were you, I’d work on my adventure skills, so that I made myself more ‘like’ the women I wanted.

Get the strategy here?

Since similar things are attracted to each other, become more similar to what you want to attract.

Unless your goal is to just hook up, in that case the best ways to attract a woman will be in another post!

We hope that these tips will help you to attract women easily. You can also check the video below for more attraction tips from a well known relationship expert.

I wish you the best!



Can You Save A Relationship After Cheating?So, can you really save a relationship after cheating? Well, this is a great question!

Perhaps the real question is not can you save a relationship after cheating, maybe the real question should be why didn’t you save the relationship BEFORE cheating?

Cheating is like peeling skin after a sun burn. Can you heal? Of course you can. But why didn’t you use sunscreen and AVOID the burn in the first place?

Maybe that’s not the best example, because a sunburn can often heal with very few side affect, and cheating can cause serious damage for a long time to come.

For the sake of directness, let’s focus on now. Can you save a relationship after cheating?



Under specific conditions.

Are you the cheater or the…cheat-ee? I’m not sure that is a real word. Let me change that to ‘the innocent party of the cheating.’

If you are the innocent party, you probably will determine 70% of the outcome here.

If you are the cheater, well, the other 30% belongs to you.

Let’s start with the innocent party. It’s encouraging that you are asking if you can save a relationship after cheating. The fact that you wonder, is proof that you can, although it is seldom easy. The hurt of cheating can run deep, and the ONLY way your relationship will heal is your ability to TRULY forgive and move forward.

I have a favorite quote.

Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

In other words, if you can’t really forgive, you are drinking poison every day, my friend. Some people can forgive much easier that others. The answer here is in your own head.

Can you let it go? If so, under what conditions?

Decide right now what conditions your significant other will have to meet in order for yo to move beyond this hurt. Then, imagine that your partner finds this difficult. Can you make your demands less and live with it?

I ask this because, often, we aren’t honest with ourselves. We may have a list of 50 things to punish and make ourselves feel better. However, if you really want to save a relationship after cheating, you need to get this expectation list down to the bare bones.

It needs to be as easy as possible for your partner and at the same time meet your bottom line.

If you are too demanding, forget about being able to save a relationship after cheating.

What do you really want? To save a relationship after cheating or revenge?

If revenge is the answer, please see above quote.

Let’s focus on the cheater.

So, you want to save a relationship after cheating? First figure out why you cheated.

Then decide how much you want to fix this mess of a relationship. Obviously, you haven’t felt fulfilled, and that is a major issue in any relationship.

What are you willing to do to save a relationship after cheating?

Well, considering that most of the power of decision lies with your partner, it’s time to decide how much you are willing to make up for the cheating.

After you decide how important it is to you, you can ask you ‘ex’ what they need from you in order to save a relationship after cheating!

If you are looking for more tips that can help you to save a relationship after cheating then you may want to take a look at some of the programs that we reviewed here before. Click Here or check this page for two good solutions.

We hope that you have found this post to be useful. Feel free to send us an email if you have more questions regarding this issue.

All the best!

Hi everyone,relationship-wife

In this post will talk about the job of the relationships wife.

It is not always being the associations wife and attempting to keep the connection running easily. It frequently feels as though you’ve all of the responsibility also it can become a little overwhelming sometimes. A long time ago males went to operate as the lady remained the place to find take proper care of the home and family. Nowadays the wife is frequently heading out to operate too but still likely to take care of the house also.

By trying to get it done all yourself you might become exhausted and also have to sacrifice your main own needs. You don’t only work, a home to take care of, but it’s frequently placed on you to definitely preserve the wedding and the spark within the relationship. Frequently women may finish up finding themselves exhausted as well as depressed.

You will find a couple inside a relationship and also you should not take all of the blame in case your relationship is battling. Your husband should pull his weight and try and also hardwearing . relationship alive. Should you have jobs then you definitely should both be part of the house work too. If you discover your relationship in danger you have to bear in mind that you will find two parties which is not every the responsibility of the associations wife.

If you’re the husband you might believe nothing you need to do makes your spouse happy. You have to bear in mind that it’s not your sole duty and also hardwearing . wife happy, she must also try taking some responsibility on her own happiness. Although how you behave will impact her happiness, she accounts for her happiness too.

Ladies and males have different needs and you should recognize this. If you’re attempting to enhance your relationship then you definitely should sit lower and discuss your requirements to ensure that you’ll have a concept of what your partner wants and requires.

One great book that shows the various ways and requires of males and ladies is John Gray’s Mars and Venus. Ladies and frequently more emotional than males then one that the lady could get upset about may not mean just as much to some guy. Males and ladies will approach situations and fights in a different way.

If you think that your relationship is very balanced and also you share things equally you might still be amazed to uncover that the ideas and sights are really quite different. Males and ladies generally have different roles they fall under. Read books concerning the variations between males and ladies and you’ll probably be rather surprised.

Your partner is probably not thinking about reading through books however, you could have a read and find out what you believe. However, it requires a couple in order to save rapport and also the associations wife cannot do all of it by herself. With that said, sometimes should you start to try that effort will chafe about the husband and that he will respond by investing in an attempt themself.

Sometimes it’s only a matter of being more thoughtful and sincere for your husband and that he will respond when you are more thoughtful and sincere for you. The role from the associations wife is definitely an emotional and tiring one but it’s also one that’s satisfying and rewarding.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this post about the job of the relationships wife, all the best!

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Hi everyoneRevive Your Relationship

In this post we want to share with you some great tips on how to revive and improve a stagnant relationship.

Without any other words here are the things that you must follow:

Tip Number 1 To Revive A Stagnant Relationship – Have A Serious Talk

First things first, you and your partner need to have a serious talk. Set a time when you will both be at home and have no other obligations. If you need to do it, make an appointment. Ensure the distractions are kept to a minimum so you can work this all out. In case you have kids, send them over to your good neighbors or grandma’s house for the next night.

Tip Number 2 To Revive A Stagnant Relationship – Make A List

Grab paper and a pen, start out by listing the good things about your relationship and what is not so good and needs work. Make this list as complete as possible. Beside each item on your list under the heading “needs work”, come up with different ways to make each one better or go away if necessary. Try to be creative with your ideas, if you both end up laughing during this session so much the better, some things can be fixed just by having fun together doing this exercise.

Tip Number 3 To Revive A Stagnant Relationship – Make A Commitment

Another important thing is to vow to make a commitment to each other that you will both strive to make things better than they are. Start working together as your own relationship support and very soon you will be happier than you have been in a very long time.

Tip Number 4 To Revive A Stagnant Relationship – Do Things For Each Other

Try And start doing little things for each other. When was the last time you bought him a gift card for no reason? Or you told her she was the best thing that has happened to you in your life? Were you really just going to let your relationship end without any fight? That would have been a terrible shame. If the love is still there between you, then there is good chance for the two of you to salvage this relationship.

Make yourselves a date night and don’t forget about it, every single week. Do not let anything get in your way. Choose a favorite place to go or choose a different place each week, it doesn’t really matter as long as you keep your relationship fresh and exciting. It’s funny to say that, but even a local football game or high school basketball game can do the work. Any way is possible as long as you spend some quality time together.

Tip Number 5 To Revive A Stagnant Relationship – See Someone Knowledgeable

In addition to these suggestions, it can be very helpful to go and see someone knowledgeable in helping couples stay together or putting their relationship back together in a time of problem. Sometimes it can be to hard to do it on your own.

So if you need a little boost while you are working on improving your relationship or there are any issues that the two of you cannot work out, see someone knowledgeable is your best bet to make things better. A good relationship counselor will work with you to come up with a compromise that is acceptable for you and your partner.

If communication is the biggest problem in the relationship then the counselor can show you some great ways to communicate with each other and give you homework so you can practice and improve. No one is perfect and knows everything, so do not feel badly if you have to meet a relationship counselor, it can really help you and you have nothing to lose.

Well, that’s it for today. we hope that these 5 to revive a stagnant relationship will be useful for you and for your partner to get the love and happiness back in your relationship very soon.

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If your relationship is just finished or you have just been dumped by your ex girlfriend, you can still turn the situation around if you want to.
Making her fall in love with you again is not an impossible task and you can do it if you know how to do it in the right way.

Below are 3 tips to get your ex girlfriend back and make her fall in love with you again:

1. Make Her See A New You

Your ex girlfriend has to see a New you. Unless you can show her that you have made changes to yourself and you can make her see you from a new point of view, it is going to be very hard for you to attract her back. After all, to make her fall in love with you again, she has to feel the same way that she did when she met you in the first place.

2. Give Your Ex Girlfriend Some Space

Space is with no doubt what your ex girlfriend really needs right now. She has to be able to heal and think. Do not disappear from the face of the earth. It is ok for your ex girlfriend to know where you are. You can be around. Just be sure that you are not right under your ex girlfriend’s nose all the time.

Give her a few weeks before you make a casual conversation with her or you can wait for her to take the first step. Pick up some new hobbies or other activities so your ex girlfriend will want to know what keeps you so busy. If you appear very busy and hard to get a hold of she will want to know more.

3. Be Visible, But Not Too Much

It can a good idea to wait and see if she makes the first call. If she calls, of course you know that she is still thinking about you, and that you have a chance. But if your ex girlfriend doesn’t call it’s OK for you to give her a casual call just to see how she’s doing. Just don’t push things too much.

By following these tips instead of just sitting around and wondering how to make her fall in love with you again you’ll be on the road to getting your ex girlfriend back.

I hope that these tips will be helpful for you to make her fall in love with you again, all the best!

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Getting over your first love is never an easy thing to do.
Fortunately, there are a number of things that will help you to get over your first love such that the experience won’t keep haunting you any more. However, you should understand that this is a process, and it will take a while before you get over your painful experience entirely.
If you have recently split up from your first love and don’t know what to do then here are some tips that will help you to get over your first love:

Tip number 1 on how to get over your first love – understand that the relationship is over

The first thing you need to do is come to terms with the fact that the relationship with your first love is over. This is easier said than done and I know the type of hurt you’re feeling right now. But it takes courage to admit especially when you thought this person was the one you would spend the rest of your life with.

Tip number 2 on how to get over your first love – Take Some Time for You

Another important thing is to do something you want to do. Don’t worry about finding someone new or what people are going to say about it. Gossip, unfortunately, will happen regardless of what you do to try and balance it out. Instead focus on healing yourself and stop worrying about the rest of the world in the next days.

Tip number 3 on how to get over your first love – Pick up your old hobby

This is a great time to give your hobbies a chance once again. An outlet for your grief will cleanse your negative thoughts away completely. Get back to strumming the guitar or playing basketball. Get a hang on it life and you will hit the road big time.

Tip number 4 on how to get over your first love – Start dating again

I know that this may seem scary at first, but you will have to go on with your life at some point. As you try to get over your first love, dating again will give you something else to focus on instead of your painful experience.

Follow these tips and it will be much easier for you to get over your first love.
I hope that this post on how to get over your first love was helpful for you, all the best!

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Trying to understand how to make her fall in love with you can easily leave you feeling like your head is spinning and you really just don’t know what to do. This is pretty natural for a guy to feel this way and usually it ends up with the guy losing out on the woman that he really wants to be with.

Well, if you want to make her fall in love with you, then you have to work at making yourself a little more attractive in her eyes. You must make yourself have a little more appeal than the next guy, and do the things that the next man will not do.

Below are 3 tips to making her fall in love with you:

1. Make her see you as a guy with a life.

Before any woman feels like she is falling for you, she has to feel intense attraction in your direction. And if you come off like you don’t have much going on in your life, there isn’t a whole lot to attract her, is there? Most of the Men often come to the conclusion that the more time they spend with a woman, then she will automatically start to feel that attraction for them. However the truth is, you can end up spending too much time and lose that attraction if she thinks that you don’t really have a lot going on in your life. You need to come across as having social value and being interesting to a woman.

2. Use eye contact attraction

You have to use eye contact attraction as a way to really get her going. When you can gaze into her eyes and make her feel like there is instant sparks, an instant connection that is when she is going to fall in love with you quickly. It gives that feeling of having fallen in love at first sight, and more than one woman has dreamed about this feeling.

3. Make her feel passion and sexual attraction by being with you

More men end up in the friend zone with women that they would much rather be in a relationship with and this is mainly because there is no passion and sexual attraction there. You have to make you woman feel these things if you want to have her fall in love with you and want to be with you. Sexual chemistry is really very important!

These tips should be helpful for you to make her fall in love with you, good luck!

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At the time of marriage, many women perceive life to be a bed of roses wherein life after marriage will simply be ‘happily ever after’ for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, it is not always like that.

Every couple will go through the sweetest period of the beginning and slowly give way or slack when things are working in a monotonous manner. It’s true that you got your man to fall in love with you, but knowing how to keep your husband in love with you endlessly is something that you must learn.

Below are some useful tips on how to make your husband love you:

Tip number 1 to make your husband love you – Don’t share all your feelings

Most of women are wired to be very open with what we’re feeling. They want their man to be aware of what’s going on with them, whether we’re feeling angry, sad, disappointed, frustrated or overjoyed.

If you tell the man in your life everything, he’ll become less engaged. It is better to keep some things to yourself and to make yourself a wee bit mysterious.

Your man will respect you more if you share less all the time. That’s not to say you shouldn’t bring up an issue if it’s tearing you apart emotionally inside, but it does mean, you need to be more mindful of what and when you share.

Tip number 2 to make your husband love you – Respect your husband

Another important thing that you must remember is that you need to respect your husband as an individual. Respect is what they crave for you and will give in return if they get it. Value his words and his presence and tell him so as well.

It is very important that you accept your husband with all his faults and follies. Remember that No one is perfect and each one has his credits and falls.

Tip number 3 to make your husband love you – Have a mind of your own

A man loves a woman deeply when she shows the best of herself. If you want to make your husband love you back, you must show him that you are someone who is capable to take care of herself. This is one of the most important things that you must understand if you want to make your husband love you a lot.

I hope that these tips on how to make your husband love you were helpful, good luck!

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Can I make my wife love me again? This is a common question among many husbands facing relationship issues with their wife.
After the first couple of years in many marriages, one of the sides begin to somewhat lose interest and make the other doubtful of the future of the marriage. If you are a husband who wonders “how can I make my wife love me again”, then this post is for you.

Below are some tips that can help you make your wife love you again:

Tip number 1 on how to make your wife love you again – Identify the problem

The first step to do when make you want your wife love you again is to identify the problem. What has happened to the relationship to put a chill in the relationship and harden your wife’s heart toward you?

Do not feel bad or stupid if you do not know, many men are clueless when it comes to what they have done wrong. In fact, some of what you did wrong may only exist in her mind, but nevertheless, it is real to her.

Take responsibility for what you have done wrong and what you could have done better. No one is perfect and there is no shame in having faults.

Tip number 2 on how to make your wife love you again – Build the trust and start the relationship all over again

It is very important to start the relationship all over again and go through the process of understanding each other. Try to regain your wife confidence slowly and make her trust you again. Most of the chances are that your wife still loves you. If not, she would not marry you in the first place. You can better the marriage by improving the flaws found in the relationship.

Tip number 3 on how to make your wife love you again – Show her that you love her

Flowers are a great way to show someone that you care about him. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a dozen roses or anything like that, but a beautiful bunch of nice smelling flowers will do the job and show your wife that you do still love her.

Also, when your wife does something special, or looks nice, tell her! She’s not a mind reader, and women do need to hear that they are loved, and appreciated.

I hope that these tips on how to make your wife love you again were helpful for you, all the best!

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